• Billy


    Billy is the first film directed by Theo Maassen. The film is produced by Pupkin.

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  • Coquille


    Coquille tells the story of a girl. She is in a car on the way to the theater, where she has to perform.

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  • Schaduwjager


    Schaduwjager is a shortfilm, directed by Nicole Jachmann. This film was part of the CineSud Talent films.

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About Me


Hello, I am Suzanne Cranen.

I am a 26 year old filmmaker, animator and photographer from the Netherlands.

During my study, Communication and Multimedia Design in Maastricht, I have specialized in motion design and filmproduction. In my third year, I wanted to learn more about 2D and 3D animations, so that is my I did an exchange program at the Bachelor of Animation in Brisbane, Austalia. In my last year I have worked on several shortfilms as a filmproducer, art director and setdresser. After my graduation in May 2017, I got an animation job for the European Commission and currently I am working on the Dutch TV shows Flikken Maastricht and Flikken Rotterdam. I am creative, precize, flexible and love challenges.

So do you have challenge for me? Please, contact me.

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  • animation


  • photography



Suzanne Cranen

The Netherlands


+31 (0)6 523 023 26

kvk: 69138346

Vragen over Flikken Rotterdam?
Graag via mail: figuratie.flikken@wbitvp.tv

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